skin care tips for summer

Skin Care Tips For Summer

1. Add Cooling Ingredients To Your Routine

Mint, Aloe Vera, Vetiver Root (Khus), Cucumber, and indeed rosewater are true blessings during summers as they’ve a cooling effect on the skin. These constituents give relief by soothing heat rashes and sunburnt skin.

They indeed reduce inflammation on your skin thereby controlling acne too! So make them a part of your diurnal summer skincare routine.

2. Avoid Over Cleansing.

When your skin gets sweaty and unctuous during summer, your first instinct is generally to use a strong face marshland and get squeaky clean skin again. You should keep your skin clean but do n’t end up overstating it.
It’s stylish to circumscribe raging face wetlands to doubly in a day only- formerly in the morning and formerly at night. Because they can be drying when used too frequently indeed during summers.

In between, wipe your face with a cotton pad soaked with stupefied rose water rather. It has sanctification parcels that will help clear down dirt and sweat without drying out your skin.

3. Opt For Water Based Products

Whether you have dry skin or unctuous skin, in summer, gutter the heavy creams and moisturizers from your skincare routine. Rather, conclude for a water- grounded hydrating gel or indeed a serum to avoid looking like a grease ball and reduce sweating.

Still, you can subcaste it with light facial canvas for aliment, If your skin still feels dry. You can go with either aloe vera gel or a hyaluronic acid serum like the Vaunt Multivitamin Super Hydrator to keep your skin doused through summer.

You may also want to switch out the heavy sanctification redolences and canvases for light, water- grounded face wetlands or indeed micellar water.

4. Don’t Skip Exfoliation

Slipping your skin at least twice a week will help your pores clean from getting congested during summer. Exfoliation indeed suckers down dead skin cells which will help remove sun tan and indeed out your skin tone.

I tête-à-tête love the Ubtan India D-tan mite since it has the perfect quantum of grit without being harsh on the skin. Another great option is the Fiducia Botanicals Goatmilk Exfoliator which helps cheer and soothe the skin.
And if you’re interested in chemical exfoliation, an AHA/ BHA cleaner like the Vaunt Complete Care Body Wash can be a great pick too.

5. Clay Masking Is A Must Too

This is one of the most essential summer skin care tips, especially for people with unctuous skin. All that redundant sebum and sweat during summer will allow bacteria to breed and multiply leaving you with a face full of acne.

So a daily or triweekly complexion masking ritual will be helpful in keeping down comedones by deep sanctification yourpores.However, I would recommend using humus complexion which is the mildest of all, If you have dry skin.

6. Amp Up Your Sun Protection

There are no defenses to skip sunscreen during summers. The sun is harshest this time of the time and hence, using sunscreen in your summer skincare routine is a must-have.

Along with a broad- diapason sunscreen, cover up your skin and stay in shade as much as possible during 11-4 pm to shield your skin from harsh sun shafts.

7. Add Vitamin C to Your Summer Skincare Routine

One of the stylish summer skin care tips I’ve come through is using a Vitamin C Serum in your routine. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps further reduce sun damage when paired with sunscreen.

It also helps fade dark spots, acne scars, lightens sun tan, and evens out your complexion to make your skin look brighter and radiant.

8. Natural Dusting Maquillages to Deliver


High moisture during summers increases sweating which can be a frustrating and rather itchy experience. But sprinkling a dusting greasepaint 1-2 times a day can help you stay sweat-free.
Along with absorbing sweat, they indeed help skin vexations like prickly heat.

I recommend using natural dusting maquillages over talcum- grounded bones as they do n’t contain artificial spices. I’ve participated some amazing options available in India along with a DIY companion in this post to help you out.

9. Embrace the Power Of Neem

Neem is my favourite antibacterial component available in India since it’s cheap and largely effective. It can help treat acne, soothe itchy skin and crown, reduce dandruff (which can get worse during summers) and avoid other skin infections too.

Boil fresh neem leaves in water and use this water for your bath every day. Or pick products with neem greasepaint or neem canvas to help and treat skin infections.

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