Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common problem for both men and women. Stretch marks are bands of parallel lines which are long, thinned and rippled caused due to stretching of the skin’s animal tissue . Stretch marks occur when the skin is pulled by rapid growth or stretching beyond normal limits. Such stretching may result thanks to many factors like growth spurts, body changes, rapid weight loss or gain (as might normally happen during adolescence), corticosteroids, implant surgery, genetics, chronic diseases, fluctuating hormone level, extreme muscle building, higher levels of steroid hormones within the body, thanks to frequent weight fluctuations, pregnancy (up to 80% of the ladies get stretch marks during pregnancy). Stretch marks are stubborn and aren’t painful but they have a tendency to possess an impact on ones confidence and self-worth .

Treatment procedures at La Fameux Derma include: Advanced Antioxidant Therapy – Microdermabrasion, Derma Roller Rx / Collagen Induction Therapy, PRP, Deep Chemical Exfoliations, Laser Rx, and Electroporation.