Wart Removal

Warts or Skin tags are small, soft, rough, black or brown mole like growths that hang off the skin are caused by virus. they’re contagious and should spread to other areas of the body. they’re quite common and harmless but many dislike their appearance. they generally vary in size and colour and grow within the skin folds where the skin rubs against itself. they’re generally grown on face, neck, on and round the eyelids, armpits, round the groin, under the breasts, etc. Warts or Skin tags are generally seen in older people, overweight and in diabetes patients. Both men and women can develop skin tags. Skin tags are often generally seen among 40-45% of the population.

In very rare cases skin tags fall off on their own, this happens when the tissue is twisted and later it dies thanks to lack of blood supply. Skin tags are generally removed surgically and native anesthesia is given before treatment. La Fameux Derma treatments would assist you get obviate the skin tags permanently with none discomfort. All the treatments can be done on both men and women. Cosmo medical equipment is one in all the foremost popular treatments for skin tags at La Fameux Derma. The specialty of the treatment is that, we dry each and every skin tags/ warts of any size and that they would drop off within 1-2 days of the treatments.