Scar removal

You can now get the simplest treatment for your scars by undergoing Scar Reduction Surgery in Noida at Lafauxderma Clinics. Scars are mostly caused by acne or trauma. Many new technologies have developed over time within the field of cosmetic surgery which will be applied for reducing the severity of scars.

Unlike acne scars, traumatic scars occur due to accidents, burns, attacks, etc. These scars are often improved with the utilization of lasers that help to extend the build-up of collagen below the scar. The reduction of scars surgically is taken into account together of the simplest treatments for scar reduction. This reduces the dimensions and prominence of your scar to an outsized extent. Patients are advised to use sunscreen lotion and avoid excessive sun exposure. Treatments are done on active injuries. It takes four to 6 weeks for the wound to heal. Our doctors often recommend creams to market healing. At Lafameuxderma Clinics, special care and a spotlight are given to each single patient. you’ll visit the branches of Lafameuxderma Clinics located in Noida.

Different technologies are used for scar reduction. a number of them are mentioned below:

Derma Roller

These are micro-needling medical devices used for increasing the assembly of collagen in your skin naturally. it’s a secure procedure that doesn’t cause any damage to your skin. topical anaesthesia is run to the patient before treatment. Soon after the derma roller session, you’ll be ready to see a clear difference. Your complexion will change from pink to red which subsides after one or two days. A follow-up check-up is required after three to four weeks.


Chemical Peel

This treatment is employed to enhance the feel of your skin which gets damaged thanks to acne or trauma. Scabbing and exfoliation of the skin are through with the treatment.


For the management of acne scars, a fractional CO2 laser is taken into account to be the simplest option. The laser works on the deeper layers of your skin making visible improvements within five to 6 sessions. The treatment goes on for four to 6 weeks.

All these treatments are provided at Lafameux Clinics with a guarantee of effective results. The patient will walk out with visible improvement.

At Lafameuxderma Clinics, special care and a spotlight is given to each single patient. you’ll visit branches of Lafameuxderm Clinic located in Noida.