This trendy skincare treatment uses the platelets of your own blood to supply smoother, younger skin with a healthier complexion. Platelets or PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) with their growth factors encourage healing and cell turnover, so when applied to the skin it works at rejuvenating it from the within out.

The procedure may sound scary but is actually minimally painful, especially since the face is prepped with medical-grade numbing cream. The PRP is isolated from the blood employing a centrifuge then applied onto the face. This procedure is combined with micro-needling and may repair signs of aging, sun damage, and a myriad of other skin issues.

How Does the Vampire Facial Work?

Using the micro-needling device referred to as Rejuvapen, the Vampire Facial allows our clinicians to rejuvenate skin with noninvasive techniques. The Rejuvapen generates microchannels into key areas of the face, into which the clinician injects the platelet-rich plasma.

You will have an in-depth consultation with our clinician here at Glow Aesthetic Center, at which you’ll discuss your medical record and your objectives and expectations for the Vampire Facial.