What Is a Hair Transplant?

It’s a sort of surgery that moves hair you have already got to fill a neighborhood with thin or no hair. Doctors are doing these transplants, but techniques have changed tons in recent years.

You usually have the procedure within the doctor’s office. First, the surgeon cleans your scalp and injects medicine to numb the rear of your head. Your doctor will choose one among two methods for the transplant: follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or follicular unit extraction (FUE).

If you’re getting the FUE procedure, the surgeon’s team will shave the rear of your scalp. Then, the doctor will remove hair follicles one by one from there. the world heals with small dots, which your existing hair will cover.

After that point, both procedures are an equivalent . After he prepares the grafts, the surgeon cleans and numbs the world where the hair will go, creates holes or slits with a scalpel or needle, and delicately places each graft in one among the holes. He’ll probably get help from other team members to plant the grafts, too.

Depending on the dimensions of the transplant you’re getting, the method will take about 4 to eight hours. you would possibly need another procedure afterward if you still lose hair or decide you would like thicker hair.


Expectations and Recovery

After the surgery, your scalp could also be very tender. you’ll got to take pain medications for several days. Your surgeon will have you ever wear bandages over your scalp for a minimum of each day or two. He can also prescribe an antibiotic or an anti-inflammatory for you to require for several days. most of the people are ready to return to figure 2 to five days after the operation.

Within 2 to three weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out, but you ought to start to note new growth within a couple of months. most of the people will see 60% of latest hair growth after 6 to 9 months. Some surgeons prescribe the hair-growing drug minoxidil (Rogaine) to enhance hair growth after transplantation, but it’s not clear how well it works.