Skin care in summer

How Does Summer Affect Your Skin?

As the weather gets warmer and humidity increases within the environment, your skin’s sebaceous glands start producing excess sebum (natural oil). The oil secreted gets stuck on the surface of the skin, resulting in stickiness, grease, and blocked pores.

Acne breakouts [1] are the foremost common problem that happens in summer. People with oily skin are more susceptible to it because the bacteria and oils within the skin mix with the sweat causing clogged pores and acne.

When your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, melanin [2] production increases so as to guard your skin from sun damage. Melanin has photoprotective qualities. Excess melanin leads to darker, tanned skin. Other problems can include itchy skin, heat rash, sunburn, and rash thanks to sensitivity to the sun.

How to take care of Your Skin in Summer?

1. Face Wash to get rid of Excess Oil
In summer, oily skin can get more oily. Use a face wash suited to your skin type which will deep cleanse and take away all the dirt and dirt. People with dry skin would wish for a non-foaming cleanser. choose mild, alcohol-free, and pH-balanced cleansers.

2. choose an honest Skin Care Routine
Maintain a skincare regimen and follow it religiously. Choose gel-based (for dry skin) and water-based (for oily skin) instead of cream-based products because the former is lighter and non-greasy. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice each day will help keep your skin clean and fresh.

3. Keep Your Skin Hydrated
Hydration is vital in the least times during summer. you’ll use a hydrating mask after you wash your face in the dark for a few extra hydrations while you sleep. Splash your face frequently with water or carry a facial mist to freshen your skin at regular intervals. [3]

4. Exfoliate For Healthy Skin
Use a face scrub a minimum of twice every week to get rid of excess dirt and oil from the skin. Only, remember to use a scrub suitable for your skin type and massage the scrub gently during a circular motion. confirm you exfoliate the lips and therefore the neck too.

5. Wear Sunscreen
The sun’s UV-A and UV-B rays are often very harsh. Besides supplying you with a stubborn tan, they will cause premature aging, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. an honest sunscreen with SPF 30-50 is significant for the summer months for all skin types, albeit you stay indoors most of the time. If you go swimming, we propose you apply sunscreen multiple times. [4]

6. Avoid Heavy Makeup
Heavy makeup prevents the skin from breathing. Humidity and warmth also impact the skin’s ability to breathe. rather than heavy foundation and other cosmetics, you’ll think about using a tinted ointment and a tinted moisturizer if you would like to wear some makeup.

7. Drink More Water & Fruit Juices

Your water intake in summer should be a minimum of 2-3 liters each day. coconut milk, watermelons, and fresh juices are an honest thanks to staying hydrated. the beverage also helps to flush the toxins from the body. Include yogurt and buttermilk in your diet.

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