A nip in the air, happy faces, ethnic attires, get-togethers, candles & lights all around … yes, it’s Diwali, the most celebrated festival in India, but sadly also the beginning of the “ much dreaded” toxic air pollution with rising PM situations. Our skin is the most important self-protective organ of our body which acts as a kind of filter for the harsh and toxic environmental pollutants in the air. One need not inhale polluted air for it to harm us as over 60 of the topically applied substances get absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and tissues of the body. Most of the noxious patches in the air are “ nano- patches” ( veritably small in size) which make it easier for them to access skin walls. Once these patches enter the skin they generate the production of “ free radicals” which affect inflammation in the skin, dehydration, and aging of the skin amongst other effects. Unbroken skin helps in enmeshing some of these environmental raiders in the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin which acts as a barrier), which will eventually shed off.

So does that mean we stay indoors keeping away from Diwali celebrations? That’s virtually not possible and neither is it going to give us complete protection so then’s what one can do to drop the injurious goods the dreaded adulterants have on our skin.

1. Sunscreen – The Potent legionnaire of your skin – A combination of air pollution and UV radiation damages melanocytes (color-producing cells), and accelerates the aging process.
Early morning trampers need to be particularly careful as the air quality indicator is the worst at this time. Also, avoid spending long ages under the sun and this can aggravate sun- intermediated damage – it’s stylish to use sunscreen indeed the early morning and cleanse well. Currently, sunscreens with a “ film” and/ or constituents especially directed to give protection against pollution are available in the request.

2. Deep cleansing of your skin – Well, you can not clean the air, but, you can surely use a good cleaner to deep clean your skin, or indeed better you can try some medical treatments for your skin. However, it should be able to deep draw the pores and mustn’t be harsh to the skin, If you choose to use a cleaner.

3. Antioxidant benefit – Add foods rich in antioxidants to your diets like green tea, red wine, and strawberries among other fruits and vegetables like bananas, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, and green lush vegetables – As air pollution in civic areas and in areas with high attention of ozone depletes the situations of vitamin E in the stratum corneum ( remotest subcaste of the epidermis). Vitamin
E is an antioxidant and lipid that helps maintain the skin’s hedge function by fighting free revolutionaries and inhibiting oxidation. It’s pivotal in keeping poisons out of the body for which the antioxidants help a great deal. Declination of vitamin E weakens the hedge, which increases the threat of conformation of dangerous chemicals, and triggers seditious responses in the beginning skin layers.

4. Guzzle the “ catholicon of life” i.e. Water – Drinking ample volumes of water helps largely in the elimination of poisons and dangerous wastes. Hence, drinking water becomes more important during Diwali as the normal pollution situations are in heightened mode. Not only this, but drinking water also replenishes the lost humidity of your skin and therefore imparts a healthy gleam to the skin. The input of natural authorities could also prove to be profitable for skin health. Obviously, doused skin looks further supple and healthy.

5.  Slather your skin with plenty of moisturizers  – Using a good quality moisturizer for your face and body can combat the ill goods of pollution in the air. Also, it can hydrate your skin and help the chances of blankness. The operation of a good moisturizer as specified by your dermatologist before applying makeup can keep your skin well-defended from the damages of adulterants.

6. Other measures – Wear long-sleeved clothes when outside. This will help keep air pollution patches off your skin.
Keep AC pollutants clean so that they can trap adulterants.
Remove makeup as soon as you get home, as it prevents the skin from breathing.

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