How to Get rid of Acne: Causes, Treatments and More

Acne is among the most well-known skin disorders to be treated by a dermatologist. it’d also end in emotional or mental discomfort because it causes pimples everywhere on the face. it’s a big effect on the self-esteem, quality of life, and attitude of a private. However, because of the decades of research by doctors, it becomes possible to realize clear skin even after acne. 

what is Acne?

Acne may be a persistent, inflammable skin condition where the skin pores are obstructed by the hair, sebum, dead skin, and bacterias. because the pores on the skin get blocked, acne appears. When the oil and dead skin becomes excessive, it clogs the pores and bacteria multiply inside them. this is often where acne starts which induces swelling and redness. Acne might take the shape of whitehead, blackhead, nodules, pimples, or cysts. the shape of acne depends on the dimensions of the clog. If the clog is large, acne will take the shape of a blackhead. However, if the opening of the clog is little, you’ll get the whitehead. it’s not just the face, where acne might appear. you would possibly also get acne on the shoulders, chest, upper back, neck, and upper arms.

What are the most causes of acne?

Hormonal Changes- thanks to the hormonal changes, the extent of androgen rises which further secretes more sebum and leads to pore breakdown and acne.

Certain medications- As a side effect of medicines, individuals might get acne. Various medicines contain corticosteroids, testosterone, or lithium which could cause or aggravate acne.

Diet- There are certain food items that contain a better level of carbohydrates, saturated fats, starch, etc. are the main contributors to acne. 

Stress- Stress triggers no acne but worsens it if it’s already been present. 

Heredity- When your parents or close relatives are encountered by acne, you would possibly also catch on predisposed genetically in you. 

Dirt- generally, dirt or sweat isn’t the rationale behind acne. However, pollution might increase the number of bacteria on the skin. 

How does a doctor treat acne?

Fractional laser- it’s a microscopic treatment during which a tool is employed for delivering the beam into the skin for smoothing the wrinkles and scars, dwindling the brown spots, and resurfacing the entire skin tone. 

Dermaroller- Dermarolling may be a sort of micro-needling treatment during which a tool called Dermaroller is getting used which generates the micro-pathways onto the skin in order that the substance is often better absorbed and show prominent results. 

Chemical peeling- it’s the treatment that exfoliates the skin and peels off the superficial skin. By removing the highest layer, the skin grows back smoother. This treatment shows great results but required it to be done multiple times.

Microdermabrasion- Microdermabrasion may be a highly used cosmetic treatment during which a special applicator is massaged very gently after rubbing the crystals on the skin. This exfoliates the skin and removes the outer layer to heal the acne. 

Surgical techniques- sometimes, when pores on the skin are crammed with excessive oil or bacteria, it becomes important to urge it treated via various surgical techniques. Common surgical techniques involve Blemish Excision or Extraction, Intralesional Injections, Steroids, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned procedures to treat acne, patients are recommended to incorporate good skincare, healthy living beings, and a nutritious diet for better results. If you too are battling acne and need to urge the treatment, you want to visit La Fameux Derma. At La Fameux Derma Clinic, you’ll get the simplest dermatologist who offers you the proper solution for healing your reluctant acne.


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