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10 Things to Know Before Having Lip Fillers

WHAT IS A LIP AUGMENTATION? Lip augmentation also referred to as lip filler or lip injection, maybe a cosmetic procedure designed to offer you plump, full lips. it’s also an option for people that want to show back the clock a touch to revive youthful skin. A trained doctor or nurse will inject a TGA-approved […]

Remove Acne Scars with Professional Treatments and Enjoy Perfect Skin

We all know that skin clinic are there to help us with our skin problems. Visiting a skin clinic helps you in getting obviate those unsightly blemishes and also improves the feel of the skin. Complete skincare starts from within but when home remedies and other medications aren’t helping, then it’s better to hunt professional […]


Dermal fillers are gel-like substances injected beneath the skin to revive lost volume and smooth lines. They soften creases and enhance facial contours. a few of the common issues addressed by dermal fillers are: Smoothen lines around nose and mouth Enhance & restore the number of sunken cheeks or temples Diminish vertical lip lines Plump […]

FUE Does Hair Grow Back In Donor Area?

Hair Transplant: Hair transplantation is a surgery during this treatment, the surgeon removes hair from the back and sides then transplants it to the bald area of the scalp. Only trained and qualified surgeons can operate in an appropriate environment. Usually, patients don’t feel uncomfortable because of the use of anesthesia, and sometimes patients are […]

How long does it take for grafts to set after hair transplant?

A great deal of attention is paid on identifying and fixing the factors that affect the survival of grafts after hair transplantation. the many factors that influence the transplanted graft include the patient’s health, characteristics of the hair, and therefore the operative procedures. Usually, the healing process or the time for the transplanted grafts to […]