Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted facial and hair may be a common problem which will be a source of distress for both men and ladies . Excess facial hair growth can cause tons of self-esteem issues and may be a topic of embarrassment for tons of individuals .

The causes of facial hair growth are often varied, starting from hormonal changes and in several cases, conditions like PCOS. There are several treatments available for hair , but removing them are often painful and tedious.

A lot of times I’ve encounter situations where I couldn’t wear a specific dress due to those small bumpy hairs on my arms and underarms. The old ways of hair removal are often compared to stepping on a never-ending merry-go-round ride which is painful. Be it epilators, bee wax or hair removal creams none of the methods appear to be a feasible option lately to the people.

Laser Hair Reduction

One permanent and effective treatment for hair reduction is laser hair treatment. Lasers and lightweight sources are often wont to safely and effectively treat larger areas of unwanted hair with minimal patient discomfort and fewer complications than other hair-reduction methods.


Advantages of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

1) they’re cost-effective– Now this might come as a surprise to tons of you but laser treatments are pocket-friendly within the end of the day . you would possibly need to run to the parlor monthly depending upon your hair growth and spend money on a specific quite wax which might be costlier than a particular wax. However, laser treatments are often termed as an honest investment for the longer term since only after a few of sessions you’ll be good to travel for a really while .


2) they’re less painful– the ‘pain factor’ are some things which attracts many ladies towards the laser treatment. Epilators and waxing could cause some serious level of pain and discomfort whereas, hair removal creams can cause a burning sensation on your skin. On the opposite hand, laser treatment is that the least painful of all of them where each pulse of the laser may be a simple sting like sensation.


3) Precision– now we all realize the sensation where you realize that the parlor left a patch of hair because she was during a hurry or because the hair was too small to urge achieved . Most folks also realize the sensation of shaving our hands and legs within the bathroom for hours to realize the utmost precision. Nevertheless, that’s not a problem with laser treatment since the laser pulse goes to focus on each follicle supplying you with the simplest results.


4) Goodbye to coarse and hair – dark coarse hair and ingrown hair a standard problem with people that shave or wax without help. many an time people don’t know during which direction the hair should be removed and this results in a standard problem of coarse and hair . Laser treatment goes to make sure that every follicle is removed in order that it doesn’t cause a sense of discomfort afterward .


5) A decline in hair growth– there’s a standard myth that laser treatments make your hair darker once they regrow. However, it’s the entire opposite of that, after a laser treatment, you’ll notice a decline in your hair growth and also notice the expansion of much finer hair.


6) The wait of hair growing- most folks are conscious of this thing; where we cannot get waxed before our hair has reached a specific limit albeit those small hairs are visible and should be bugging you by making your skin feel rough and causing irritation. It’s an equivalent case with hair removal creams or using epilator where you can’t use it often or before a specific period of your time . But with laser treatments you don’t need to await your hair to grow you’ll shave it anytime you are feeling like. In fact, one is asked to shave before coming for a laser treatment in order that it are often effective.


7) Time– most of the procedures of hair removal take tons of your time , whereas, a laser treatment session is hardly getting to take 20-30 minutes altogether depending upon the world .


8) Safe for the face and intimate areas– while most of the items can cause irritation or redness laser treatment is proven to be safe for the face also because the bikini area.


Important Info About Laser Hair Treatment

The percentage of hair removed per session varies by location on the body, with thinner-skinned areas (e.g., armpits and bikini area) generally responding better than thick-skinned areas (e.g., back and chin).

About 10 percent to 25 percent reduction in hair growth are often expected with each treatment.